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Jun 28, 2013 / 3 notes

3LAU: Your Mind Tour @Sutra


Setting out into the sky on my flight to LA, I was beyond stoked and filled with curiosity to experience what the California nightlife was all about. I was even more then thrilled to see the raved about 3LAU’s performance at Sutra. As I approached the velvet ropes I was amazed by the early crowd attendance. It wasn’t until I stepped into Sutra and listened to the local DJs that I understood. DJ Kastel, who was the first opener of the night included techno house tracks with a side of generic remixes of the classics. The next opener, Ugarte incorporated a somewhat mainstream set with some tracks that were definitely Shazam worthy. Never the less the two openers set the stage perfectly for the last and main opener. Zero Delay, which includes local favorites Derek Pryce and Ze1n who opened with such a pristine track it set the dance floor on fire. From their own edit of “Endorphins” to the popular “What it Feels Like”, Zero Delay’s performance could be confused that they were the headliner with their flawless mixing and epic energy!  Another refreshment to see was them interacting with their followers, from drink cheersing to the crowd to slapping hands with fans! Once the man of the hour took over, I have to say I was more then disappointed. Due to the mainstream of the dance music scene my expectations of a DJ and his skills has been raised above normal. Call it politics or call it a real EDM veteran, but when I see a DJ load up a set and just hit play it kills the whole set. Even more, his set was nothing but the top 40 pop dance music. I am aware that most DJs are playing the top 10 of the Beatport charts but as an emerging artist I would hope one would want to stand out aside from the cookie cuttery. I suppose to some it doesn’t matter about the music as long as you are getting a nice pay at the end of the night.


May 10, 2013 / 2 notes

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